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Why ShadowBox Believes in Helping Out

As a boy, I saw first hand what doing good within a community can do. A big part of this was through the things I did during my years in Scouting. I also saw my own family helping out and offering their business services to not for profits like the local food banks. I even grew up watching my grandfather wake up each Sunday morning to keep the neighbors’ lawns cut, so they didn’t have to.

ShadowBox Digital Stage Inc is a business. A business aimed at helping other businesses to… DO BUSINESS!

However, ShadowBox does not operate solely for the sake of profit. In fact, we believe in helping out around our community as well.

This time last year, the Hamilton Spectator featured ShadowBox Digital Stage Inc on the front page of their Hamilton Business edition.

We believe in taking care of our community. That means letting families in a stressful time feel a bit more comfortable about needing to stay at Mark Preece House. Or newcomers being able to see the space they’ll be sharing with other newcomers to learn about Canada and find employment within the walls of the Immigrants Working Centre.

We encourage everyone to go out and help your neighbor. Go do something with one of your community organizations. And if your business has the chance to do a little something in your community, you’ll see that everyone is the better for it!

Thanks for reading!

Shawn Mayo

Owner, Photographer

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