Why a Google Virtual Tour

First, see what other businesses have to say about their Google Virtual Tours.




Double Your Online Presence

Your Google business listing is your company’s most visible asset. Google Virtual Tours increase your search real estate on Google Search and Google Maps. This means that when potential clients come looking for you, your business becomes more prominent.


Engage With Customers

Through interaction, a Google Virtual Tour invites customers and guests to experience your location before they arrive. This builds trust in the business and atmosphere you already take so much pride in.

Engagement creates excitement, happiness, and confidence in what you do. Engaged potential clients are 20% more likely to visit and buy.

This “stickiness” through engagement has been known to translate into a 30% click-through rate to reservations and sales.

Put Your Business on the Google Map

Let clients know where you are. Customers need to be able to find you. So plant your flag on the Google Map.

ShadowBox Digital Stage Inc. can help you along with the setup of your Google+ page and the steps towards verification. We can expedite the address verification process, so that you are engaging with potential clients as fast as possible.

By the Numbers

Businesses are known to see:

There are more than One Billion active users on Google Maps every month. One in five searches on Google is location related.

There are over 200,000 businesses that have a virtual tour on Google. Over 10,000 businesses are adopting Google Virtual Tours every month.

How Much Does it Cost?

Having ShadowBox Digital Inc. create a Google Virtual Tour is simply the most cost-effective long term advertising tool you could buy. Your business will be published online, with no ongoing fees to worry about.

Tours vary dependant on the size of the virtual tour. Each tour will focus on the client-centric areas such as showrooms, dining rooms, activity areas, patient care rooms, and lounges. Each tour includes about a dozen location based photos.

Google Virtual Tours and the accompanying location photos are yours to keep. You retain the rights to include them in any promotional material you choose, at any time.

Multi-location and not-for-profit discounts are available for qualifying businesses.